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Founded in 1990, Marks & Frederick Associates (MFA) has served a variety of clients in the newspaper, broadcast and electronic information sectors, providing those clients with research and analysis, the development of business plans, product development, and marketing services.

Ted Marks, the founder of MFA, began his professional career as a reporter for the Worcester (Mass.) Telegram & Gazette and then joined United Press International in their Hartford, Conn. Bureau as a reporter. He served in Boston as both a reporter and editor prior to being transferred to Tokyo.

Mr. Marks spent 10 years in Asia, serving as a foreign correspondent in Japan, a division editor in Hong Kong and bureau chief in Bangkok. From Bangkok, he was on UPI's award winning team of correspondents who covered the climax of the war in Indochina. On the conclusion of that war, Mr. Marks moved back to Japan as general manager for North Asia with responsibility for all of UPI's editorial and business affairs in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Micronesia. While there he was instrumental in organizing Unicom, a joint venture between UPI and Knight-Ridder (now part of Bridge Information), generating international business news. During this Tokyo assignment, he also served as president of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (1978-79).

Mr. Marks returned to the United States in 1980 and became marketing director for UPI's conversion to satellite communications. With the completion of that assignment, he became executive assistant to UPI's president, and was later named Vice President and General Manager for UPI's New England division.

When Scripps Howard divested itself of UPI, Mr. Marks joined Knight-Ridder where he headed the New York office and was a member of the senior management team involved in developing Knight-Ridder's financial information group. With Knight-Ridder for nearly 10 years, Mr. Marks helped expand its financial news and information systems from essentially a start-up operation with less than $25 million in revenues to a business generating nearly $500 million in annual revenues.

Mr. Marks remained Vice President of Market Information at Knight-Ridder until 1990 when he organized MFA. In addition to providing strategic marketing services for a diverse group of clients, MFA has served since 1993 as the North American marketing agent for Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), the German news agency.



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