The following Web sites are suggested for those interested in the technological developments in the news and information industries: 

Byte Magazine. News on computer technology. Check out its archives on Web technology.

The Cole Papers. Reports on issues involving newspaper production technology. Subscription required.

CNET. A popular Web site (linked to MS/NBC) which provides news on technology as well as an array of Web/PC technical sites, including SNAP, the search engine being pushed by NBC.

Forbes Digital Tool. A reasonably sophisticated source of technical information from the consumer viewpoint.


Information Week.

Internet Week.

ITServer. An excellent listing of electronic publications on the technology industry. The on-line version of Editor & Publisher, the principal U.S. newspaper trade publication. Provides good coverage of technology issues in both the newspaper and on-line sectors.

Newsbytes News Network. Technology news from the Post-Newsweek Business Information Division. Good foreign coverage. Subscription.

Newslinx. A diverse compilation of news on the Internet from a wide variety of newspapers and electronic sites (some included here). Good site for latest news updates.

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA): NAA is the principal newspaper trade association in North America, and its web site contains the latest information on newspaper technology, including the use of the Internet by the newspaper industry.

The New York Times - Circuits. Each Thursday, the Times publishes a separate technology section, Circuits, which carries news and information on computer/communications technology in and features a number of stories on the Internet.

The New York Times Computer News Daily: A daily review of computer news generated by a disparate list of contributors including The Boston globe, Bloomberg, the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Cox News, Hearst, etc. Good site for latest news updates.

The Silicon Alley Reporter. A weekly on developments in Silicon Alley. Subscription required.

Tech Web. A CMP web site detailing the latest developments in technology.

The Wall Street Journal - Technology. The Journal publishes a Technology section each Thursday, which carried news on the communications/publishing sector, as well as reviewing web sites. Subscription required.

Wired Magazine. The new age publication which tries to stay on the edge of the cutting edge. Good thumbsuckers on technology

Y2K. This site provides an up to date list of publications on the Year Two thousand issue.

ZDNet. A gateway into the archives of the Ziff Davis publications. Good site for latest news updates.

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