The following Web sites are of particular relevance to those visitors interested in management and business issues involving the news and information industry: 

American Press Institute. A North American newspaper organization which is well known for its seminars on the state of the newspaper industry.

Audit Bureau of Circulation. Circulation statistics on newspapers and magazines.

Broadcasting & Cable. The principal North American trade magazine of the TV/Cable industry. This site provides direct links to TV/Radio critics in U.S. newspapers. Subscription required.

Dircks, Van Essen & Associates. An M&A firm in the newspaper sector whose web site provides research and comment on trends in the newspaper industry.

Editor & Publisher. The mainstream trade publication for newspaper publishers, providing coverage of business and editorial management issues in the newspaper industry. The E&P web site also includes extensive information on the development of news and information web sites developed by the nation’s newspapers.

Electronic Commerce Guide: A Mecklermedia web site, which provides the basics on how to conduct business on the Internet, including reviews of various "e-commerce" software available.

Forbes Digital Tool. Forbes offers savvy views and sophisticated comment on management, content and technology issues (the "Tool" blew the whistle on Stephen Glass at The New Republic).

Forrester Research. A communications research and consulting firm, tracking web use. Subscription may be required for in-depth information.

The Industry Standard. An electronic newsmagazine on the Internet economy.

Internet Advertising Bureau. Stats on Internet usage and advertising penetration on the web.

Jupiter Communications. A strategic research and consulting firm focusing on the development of the Internet, including advertising and consumer usage. Subscription required.

Magazine Publishers of America. Trade magazine for magazine publishers.

Media Metrix. Stats on web usage. This site combines the resources of Relevant Knowledge and Media Metrix, two of the leading Web research firms who merged in the fall of 1998.

National Association of Broadcasters. North America's principal broadcasting trade association.

NetgraphsEtc. A list of Web links which provide statistics on the Internet and its use.

The New York Times. While the Business Page of the Times has regular coverage of the media business, the Monday edition provides expanded coverage of the media. Registration required.

The New York Post (Business section). A good source of news on corporate political maneuvering, particularly in New York, the self-styled U.S. media capitol. The Post has been out front on a number of stories in the last two years (Dow Jones family turmoil), and while their reports should be taken with a grain of salt, they are a good source tips and rumors – which do, after all, drive the industry.

NewsInc. An on-line publication of the Cole Group focusing on issues of journalism. Subscription required.

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA): NAA is the principal newspaper trade association in North America, and its web site contains the latest information on newspaper technology, including the use of the Internet by the newspaper industry.

Presstime. The on-line monthly publication of the Newspaper Association of America.

Red Herring Online. Business news on the digital world.

Upside Today. News on the business of the Internet and the High Tech sector.

Veronis, Suhler & Associates. A New York based media consulting group with excellent industry data in the newspaper, broadcast and electronic sectors. The organization's investment banking group manages equity funds investing in the media industry.

The Wall Street Journal. Paid subscription.

The Wire Service Guild. News from the national newspaper union.

Wired Magazine. The new age’s aging publication which carries some heavy (and sometimes ponderous) thoughts on the Web and what it all means. New ownership (Conde Nast) has changed its focus somewhat, not necessarily for the better.

ZDNet E-Business: A Ziff-Davis web site which includes trends and statistics on Internet demographics, as well as information on web software/hardware systems.

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