The following Web sites contain information on the latest developments on editorial and content issues in the news industry.

Accuracy in Media (AIM). A conservative media watchdog. http://www.aim.org/

American Journalism Review. Good source of news on editorial issues facing American journalists and news institutions. http://ajr.newslink.org/

American Society of Newspaper Editors. A journal published by the leading newspaper editor professional organization. A nuts and bolts review of issues facing newspaper editors. http://www.asne.org/

Associated Press Managing Editors (APME). http://www.apme.com/

Brillís Content. A self-styled (and self-promoted) media watchdog publication. Introduced in 1998, the monthly magazine is struggling to find its identity. . http://www.brillscontent.com/

Blue Eagle Commentary: For those with a high threshold for commentary, this site provides a very comprehensive list of columnists from across the political spectrum. http://blueagle.com/columnists/index.htm

Center for Media and Democracy. Self-styled PR Watchdog. Infrequently updated. http://www.prwatch.org/

Center for Media and Public Affairs. Founded in 1985, CMPA is an independent organization designed to bridge the gap between day to day journalism (and entertainment) and academic studies of how the news media performs. NewsWatch (see below) is one of its popular web sites. http://www.cmpa.com/

Columbia Journalism Review. The so-called editorial bible of mainstream American journalism. http://www.cjr.org/

Committee of Concerned Journalists. A group of journalists, sponsored by the University of Michigan and other journalistic organizations, which holds public forums on issues involving the practice of journalism, and then issues reports on the forum results. http://www.journalism.org/AnnArborag.htm

The Digital Journalist. An on-line web site founded by Dirck Halstead which focuses on photojournalism "in the digital age." http://digitaljournalist.org/

Editor & Publisher. The principal trade publication for the U.S. newspaper industry. While much of its focus is on management issues, the magazine does publish good coverage of major editorial issues as they arise. http://www.mediainfo.com/

EM/Online. The on-line version of Electronic Media, a weekly which covers programming in the broadcast and electronic media. The web site provides summaries, but a subscription is required for access to the full articles. http://www.emonline.com/

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). A liberal media watchdog. http://www.fair.org/

Freedom Forum. The Freedom Forum is an independent foundation originally funded by the Gannett publishing organization to reinforce the concept of a free press. In 1991, through the sale of Gannett stock the foundation developed an endowment worth nearly $1 billion through which it now funds four centers in the Americas, Asia and Europe in pursuit of its study and analysis of the press. http://www.freedomforum.org/

The International Center for Journalists. Good source of information about the press in Europe and South America. http://www.icfj.org/

Investigative Reporters and Editors. An organization based at the University of Missouri which offers journalists know-how on the use of computers in investigative reporting. http://www.ire.org/

The Media Institute. A Washington-based non-profit organization dedicated to freedom of speech, deregulation of the media and communications industry, and excellence in journalism. http://www.mediainst.org/

Media/Watch. A new segment on PBS' NewsHour, headed by veteran reporter Terence Smith, whose job is to keep close tabs on the media and how they are covering major stories. Transcripts are available on the NewsHour website. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/media/

The National Press Club. The Washington-based press club whose web site is a good source of information on national and political issues involving the media. http://npc.press.org/

NewsWatch. Sponsored for the Center for Media and Public Affairs, NewsWatch bills itself as a consumer's guide to the news media. http://www.newswatch.org/

The Nieman Foundation. The Harvard-based foundation which sponsors a mid-career sabbaticals for journalists, and publishes a quarterly journal, the Nieman Report, which studies issues involving journalism. http://www.nieman.harvard.edu/

Online Journalism Review. An electronic journal which covers the field of on-line journalism, published by the Annenberg School for Communications at USC. http://www.ojr.org/

Online News Association (ONA). An organization of senior online news managers whose objective is to encourage the highest possible journalistic standards on Internet news sites. http://www.onlinenewsassociation.org/

Pew Research Center for the Media. An independent research organization, originally created by the Times-Mirror group, it is now fully supported by the Philadelphia-based Pew Charitable Trusts, with assets of $3.6 billion and one of the country's largest private philanthropies http://www.people-press.org.

Pew's Stateline.Org. A new site developed by the Pew Research Center for the Media is Stateline.org, a source of information on state government issues. The site was developed in response to the shift in power and money from the federal government to state governments over the past 20 years. The site provides statistics and news coverage from each state's newspapers. http://www.stateline.org/

Poynter Institute for Media Studies. The Poynter Institute is active in researching, analyzing and critiquing American journalism from a scholarly perspective. The Institute was founded by Nelson Poynter, the late publisher of the St. Petersburg Times, who left controlling interest of the Tiimes Publishing Corp. to the Institute. Dividends from that controlling interest support the Institute. http://www.poynter.org/index.htm

Project for Excellence in Journalism. An effort supported by the Pew Charitable Trust and the Columbia School of Journalism which studies the field of journalism and how to make it better. http://www.journalism.org/

Radio & Television News Directors Foundation. http://www.rtndf.org/

Slateís Todayís Newspapers. A daily summary of the stories/coverage carried by the major newspapers in the U.S., usually available prior to 8 a.m. Eastern Time. Paid subscription. http://www.slate.com/Code/TodaysPapers/TodaysPapers.asp

The Society of Professional Journalists. The Electronic Journalist is a good source of information on electronic journalism, as well as the nuts and bolts of editing and reporting. http://www.spj.org/

Washington Post. Howard Kurtz is a reasonably astute media critic located in the nationís capitol who provides useful commentary on the politics of the media from the national perspective. http://www.washingtonpost.com

Wired Magazine. Tracks developments on the Web which publishes sometimes thoughtful (and sometimes ponderous) thumbsuckers on how the media is coping with the technological revolution. http://www.wired.com/wired/current.html



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